FordDirect CRM

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Why FordDirect CRM?

FordDirect CRM is configured to meet the unique needs of your dealership by combining high-quality CRM capabilities with valuable Ford Motor Company data, creating a powerful platform for Ford and Lincoln Dealers. It enables consistent and effective business processes, while not only helping you engage with your customers, but also drive responses from them. The goal is to save you time so you can focus on what you do best – sell and service more cars and trucks.

Communication is Everything

These days, customers desire a personalized sales experience, while also expecting quick response rates. So, how do you make sure you’re meeting expectations? With FordDirect CRM, you can streamline inquiries and connect with customers through email, phone, text and in the showroom, all from one central location.

Automated Data Mining with Xchange

Are you tired of spending time manually pulling data from different areas of your CRM? Consider investing in Xchange, a stress-free alternative. Xchange provides customized alerts of customers who have a high probability of purchasing or servicing a vehicle at your dealership. Xchange allows you to easily identify additional trade-up possibilities within the CRM, with real-time alerts on equity, lease and warranty customers in the service lane. Automated lists, from the DMS, of in-market and lease pull-ahead opportunities are also available. Let Xchange mine your data for powerful sales opportunities, tailored for your customers, all in real-time.

Enroll in Xchange by selecting the a la carte option in the FordDirect CRM Dealer Participation Agreement.



Save time and maximize performance with FordDirect CRM custom data integrations, which include information about pipeline inventory, as well as public and private offer incentives, Owner Advantage Reward balances, ConsumerConnection touch-points, A/X/Z-Plan pricing, affinity offers, window stickers and more.


Establish convenient and consistent processes to manage your daily tasks with showroom management tools, such as custom workflows, daily task log and manage desk log; these tools allow dealership staff to spend more quality time with customers and focus on the bigger picture.


Manage leads from multiple sources (phone, internet, third-party providers, etc.) in one central location to optimize lead flow all the way from creation to conversion.


Accelerate the sales process and increase customer satisfaction with a cohesive desking tool that is integrated with public and private offers; this tool allows you to generate multiple purchase options at once and push final deals directly to F&I.


Meet the needs of your customers by viewing your entire inventory all in one place, whether you’re looking at one vehicle, the entire lot or vehicles in the pipeline. Sales consultants will not only have the ability to find the right vehicle by viewing, searching and filtering inventory within the CRM system, but will also be able to add vehicles of interest to specific customer records.


Identify more in-market opportunities from the service drive and database with data mining technology tools, which include equity, end of term, lower payment, conquest and more.


Initiate targeted or bulk email marketing campaigns, which encourages customer engagement; this greatly helps to increase lead generation.


Rely on superior support with monthly consultative calls, quarterly in-store visits, a dedicated helpline and online training resources that are available 24/7.

Going Mobile!

Access information on the go and never miss an opportunity

CRM technology has evolved tremendously over the last decade, especially when it comes to mobile offerings now available. The FordDirect CRM full-feature mobile app allows Ford and Lincoln Dealers to stay connected with customers from anywhere, which means always having the ability the produce results efficiently and effectively. Enjoy the following highlighted features:

  • Two-way texting
  • Click-to-call functionality
  • Real-time push notifications
  • Capture, edit and send videos
  • Add new customers
  • Follow up on existing customers
  • VIN scanner
  • Driver license scanners (optional)

The mobile app is available with FordDirect CRM and FordDirect CRM Pro at no additional cost.
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