Prime Performance Package

Sell Cars Faster

Peak Performance For Your Online Brand

Your website says a lot about your dealership. A well-built website tells customers that you want to attract new customers, are able to react to changing technologies, and genuinely care about the success of your business. The features that you include on your website can also be the deciding factor when it comes to a customer choosing a dealership or even a car. Having the most resources available to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for can drive more traffic to your website and more leads to your dealership, be sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to improve your online brand.

Our Solution

The Prime Performance Package delivers exclusive technologies focused on driving traffic and engagement to the pages that matter most to Ford and Lincoln Dealers. Uniquely connected management, marketing and merchandising tools bring inventory to life through automation and analytics, powering complete price and brand consistency across your digital presence. This is an upgrade for Dealers that enroll in DealerConnection Elite Plus or Lincoln DealerConnection Elite Plus and is designed to:

  • Accelerate Inventory Engagement and Turnover on the Website
  • Bring Vehicles to the Online Market Faster
  • Optimize Inventory Profitability
  • Maximize Inbound Traffic and Page Quality When Used In Conjunction with the Digital Advertising Solution


Automated inventory videos

Creates professional-quality videos for each car in your inventory with Carflix® Human Voice technology.

  • 88% more overall inventory page views
  • 14% longer time on site
  • 115% more lead conversion

Exclusive Technologies

MyCars™: Consumer wish list (garaging tool) tracks vehicles viewed and allows shoppers to save vehicles and sign up for price alerts. Reduces time to sale for new inventory by 7 days.

Customer Engagement Tools

Includes features that track customers’ shopping activity to help you understand what your website users value most on your site.

Custom blog

Manage dealer blog with two custom postings per month, adding SEO value to the dealer site.

Fully Managed Services

Receive expert guidance and support for your digital campaigns, including metric analysis and content coordination.

Mobile lot capture app

Take photos and videos of your inventory via an App, allowing dealers to list inventory faster.