Social Media Advertising

Your Customers are on Facebook

With 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. It’s not enough to passively post to Facebook in your digital marketing – now you have to actively pursue potential and current customers. According to a Social@Ogilvy study, organic reach declined a total of 49 percent over a six month period. How is your dealership combating this organic reach decline?

Facebook’s 1.55 billion monthly active users are using Facebook for an average of 40 minutes per day.
- Facebook

Capturing Customers on Facebook

Unlike Google, Facebook has the power of knowing who all of its users are, making it a powerful advertising medium. Your current and potential customers can be targeted by using the information they provide in their Facebook profile. With this robust customer database, Facebook advertising can help you stay top of mind with your customers and ultimately drive leads to your dealership.

According to Facebook, 78 percent of their advertising revenue comes from mobile ads and 894 million people use Facebook on mobile daily, making it perfect for mobile advertising.


FordDirect’s Social Media Advertising allows Dealers to run full customer lifecycle advertising through a single platform. Choose a package that meets your goals: grow your customer base, drive leads with targeted custom audience sales or service-oriented campaigns, or get custom ad content created for your dealership. Each package includes the creative images, copy and call-to-actions necessary to drive results, as well as a Dedicated Account Manager to manage your campaigns from start to finish.



Engages customers with sales and service appointment generating ads that drive traffic to a landing page experience.

Enhance Your Following

Boosts your Facebook following and dealership brand with page "like" campaigns.


Reach even more customers using Instagram, social media’s growing photo-sharing and advertising tool.

Custom Advertising

Develops Facebook ad campaigns specific to your dealership for local sales events or noteworthy initiatives.

Dedicated Account Manager

Manages all aspects of your social advertising with regular status calls to keep you informed of your progress.

Managed Support

Provides exclusive customer care line, on-going support and training from a product specialist.