OEM Window Sticker Service


Consumers who are close to making a purchase seek more information about specific vehicle details before visiting a dealership. By offering access to vehicle window stickers on your website, you provide customers the key information they need to make purchase decisions while driving consideration for your dealership.

The OEM Window Sticker Service is a rich source of essential information about a new automobile. It lets customers know exactly what is included with any particular vehicle, as well as helping to ensure customers receive the exact options they are paying for. Requesting a window sticker is a key buying activity that indicates the consumer is close to making a purchase.

Our Solution

FordDirect provides your store with exclusive access to OEM window stickers to ensure customers receive accurate vehicle information while offering you another opportunity to generate high-quality leads.

Located within each vehicle detail page, the OEM Window Sticker Service offers another lead generation opportunity for interested customers and your dealership. We also know that the more time customers spend on your site, especially within the vehicle detail page, increases the probability of a vehicle sale from your dealership.


Drive Traffic to your Website

Integration with Ford.com and Lincoln.com help drive more traffic to your website.

Increase Inventory Exposure

Syndicates window sticker access to your third party inventory listings.

Deliver Exclusive Vehicle Information

Control window sticker leads by delivering vehicle info to customers that request from you directly.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Located within every vehicle detail page, you know consumers who request a window sticker are interested in vehicle specific information.

Industry Stats

Dealers have found that offering OEM window stickers significantly improved the sales process for both the customer and their sales teams .

  • Millions of consumers who check for window stickers often recognize and trust the source of pricing information and add a dimension of credibility to the dealership and its pricing.
  • Consumer satisfaction scores are likely to improve among customers who request OEM window stickers as they become more confident that they paid fair prices for their new vehicle.
  • 2015 trends show a strong correlation between OEM window sticker page visits and sales demand, with vehicle purchases likely within a week of accessing the sticker.