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Submitted by bpatlewi on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 16:17

A group of FordDirect team members have started a bi-weekly acoustic jam session that meets every other Wednesday to share the love of music and learning.

The idea, says employee Andy Makar, stemmed from a January all-company meeting at which several team members mentioned their interest in playing music and experience playing guitar.

“I knew Tom Thomas and Joe Lorenz had a music background and thought it would be a fun FordDirect culture addition to have a bi-weekly jam session,” Makar said. “Terry Burns actively plays in a band and a few others mentioned they’ve played guitar all at different levels, so getting everyone together to learn and share was the next step.”

Expertise worthy of the Grammy Awards is not required; FordDirect team members of all experience levels are welcome to join the Wednesday sessions.

“I’ve played – poorly – for 25 years and learning from others with more experience helps everyone improve,” Makar said. “We work better together when we play together!”