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Submitted by bpatlewi on Thu, 04/25/2019 - 16:13

Bring Your Child to Work Day was a rousing success today at FordDirect, with more than 100 kids visiting our office for a taste of life at FordDirect – not to mention the classic Bring Your Child lunch menu featuring kid-friendly chicken tenders and mac and cheese.

Children listened to representatives from each FordDirect department explain their roles, answering the age-old question of what their parents really do at work. The children split into tour groups to visit each of our four floors, worked on a scavenger hunt, and decorated cards for children in need. Later, children joined their parents at their desks to help with a day’s work.

One of the children, fourth grader Vivian Flowers from Conant Elementary in Bloomfield Hills, wrote about her experience for today’s newsletter. Vivian is the niece of Jennifer Flowers-Kolf.

“At FordDirect I had fun and learned a lot. I learned that they help sell cars and help consumers pick their car that they’re going to get. They also create tools to help sell. There’s even a whole closet with snacks for free! At school, we don’t get do to that. I wish that school was like that.

“There’s also lots of nice people. There was even a tour where you get to go all around the building and learn cool stuff. I can tell that a lot of adults have fun and make friends. At school you can’t bring pictures and get your own computer. We’re just sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher. We should get paid for that!

“I even got my own name tag. When I went around the building there was lots and lots of toys and stuff to play with. It’s way better than school when you get to type on a computer. So if you’re finding a job, you should go here.”

Great work, Vivian!

Here are several pictures from a fun day at FordDirect.

Bring Your Child to Work Day
Sandra Moore begins the Bring Your Child to Work Day opening presentation on Thursday morning in the fifth floor training room.


Bring Your Child to Work Day
Several of our visitors had the chance to participate in Cary Tilds' presentation, which explained how the FordDirect strategy team functions.


Bring Your Child to Work Day
FordDirect to You and Hub guest editor Vivian Flowers, niece of Jennifer Flowers-Kolf, works hard on her story for the newsletter after taking a tour of the FordDirect office.


Bring Your Child to Work Day
One of the activities set up for children was decorating cards for kids in need at a local children's hospital.


Zoey Hill
Zoey Hill, daughter of Beth Hill, made this drawing inspired by Bring Your Child to Work Day at FordDirect.


Bring Your Child to Work Day
Alivia Blakeley is just two years old, but she's hard at work and making mom Michelle proud every day.


Bring Your Child to Work Day
Alivia Blakeley and Kathryn Eldridge found a comfortable spot to sit, on the Mustang at our sixth floor entrance.